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Set basic and default time clock settings to manage timesheets

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In the time clock general settings, you can set up basic timesheets settings and general default settings that will help you manage your timesheets. For example, default work hours, timesheets format, pay rate visibility, timesheets locking permissions, and more. Keep in mind that the settings are time clock-wide and will apply to every user assigned to a time clock.

To navigate to the general settings page, simply access the time clock, click the settings button in the upper left corner and the first settings page will be the general.

GIF of the Time Clock general settings page in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Now let's go over all the sections on the General settings page:

Work Days

In this section, you can determine which days are going to be active in your timesheets. Once you toggle off a specific day, it will not show on your timesheets. If a user requests an absence, it will be considered as 0 hours.

Work Hours

The work hours function is used to set up default absence day hours. Let's say you put 8 hours on a specific day, once you or a user add an absence, the total absence will show 8 hours.

Screenshot of work days and work hours settings in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Default Work Day Hours

The default work day hours capability was designed to define the default hours when adding a new shift from both the admin and user sides. For example, if you set the default workday hours to 09:00 - 17:00, once the user requests a shift or the manager adds a shift, these hours will be the default view.

Screenshot of daily limit setting in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Daily Limit

Here you can configure to be notified if employees exceed the time limit and are still clocked in after a certain number of hours.

Auto Clock Out

In this part, you can set an automatic clock limit by the number of working hours. Employees who exceed the working hours limit will be automatically clocked out. This helps ensure payroll accuracy and prevent time-theft.

Screenshot of auto clock out setting in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Timesheet Locking

Here, you can grant specific managers the ability to lock days on timesheets as approval of hours worked. A locked day means an admin with the relevant permission went over the hours for that day and approved them for payroll. Locked days cannot be edited unless first unlocked by an admin with unlocking permissions. Check this article to understand more about the locking timesheet functionality.

Screenshot of timesheet locking setting in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Show Pay Rates

In this section, you have the option to allow either qualified admins or qualified admins and users to view the calculated pay. Keep in mind both users and admins will see the estimated total pay per date only in the Connecteam desktop version. You can learn more on how to set up the pay rates capability here.

GIF of pay rates setting in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Timesheet & Payroll Export Format

Here you can configure your timesheets to display in either Hours & Minutes format or Decimal format according to your payroll report needs. This setting is account-wide and every admin in the time clock will see the set display in the timesheets.

Screenshot of timesheet & payroll export format setting in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Let's explain a bit more about the difference between the two timesheet formats:

Decimal Hours Format

In decimal hours display format, an entry displaying 9 hours and 30 minutes is displayed in decimal format as 9.50 hours. The 30 minutes section is expressed as 0.50 in decimal format. In most cases, payroll hours are reported in decimal hours which allows you to simply calculate total hours and multiple hours by the pay rate to obtain an accurate total salary.

Hours & Minutes Format

The Hours & Minutes display format report time as you would read it on a clock. An entry displaying 9 hours and 30 minutes is displayed as 9:30 hours.

Note: Never calculate in hours and minutes format to get the total working hours. If you use a calculator, the total hours will not match exactly with the total on timesheets since you put the numbers in the calculator in decimal. For example, 1:15 hours is not 1.15 in the calculator but actually 1.25.

Screenshot of decimal versus time on timesheets in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Time Zone

The time zone settings on the time clock affect two main things. First, the pay period will end at midnight according to the configured time zone. Second, the limitations set to limit users to clock in or clock out within a certain hour will be according to the time zone in the general settings.

Screenshot of time zone setting in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

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