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Easily manage your Forms reports with these 5 killer capabilities - 5 min read

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If you are using the Forms feature regularly, you must know about these 5 "killer" capabilities that can take your team to the next level.

The capabilities are:

Question Settings

As the Forms are made up of different question fields, you can customize how you wish to retrieve this information from your users, using question settings options. This will ensure the data you receive is accurate and complete and projects the info you wish it to be.

Conditional Questions

Conditional forms let you untie forms, by creating a form that shows the user only the relevant information and fields, based on their answers. This way, you can create fewer forms, ease the use of the forms for your employees, and get only the most accurate information that you need.

To learn more about Conditional Forms, Click here.

Required Answer

Setting a question as required will prevent your users from making entries without filling in this answer. The required mark can be put on ANY and EVERY question.

Location Stamp Capture

Captures the location of where the user has answered a specific question and presents it later in the entry table and export.

In the example below we can see a field within the form that is set as a required field and in addition, requires the location stamp capture of the employee filling out the form.

Multiple Choice or Upload

For any upload question (image or file) or any dropdown or image selection you can control whether only 1 answer can be input or multiple, this is great for uploading multiple pictures of a job site or incident.

Location Field

Choose whether to allow your users to input a manual address or simply capture where they are now.

Image Source

Ensure you only receive updated and live photos by setting the image upload to only come from the camera and not the gallery.

Entry Comments and Engagement

You can now hold all your relevant communication around your entries.

Say you look at an entry your employee made, but something is not clear about his answers, you can simply open up a communication channel around that specific entry using the comments section. So everyone involved will know what this is about.

You can add text, files, and attachments through the Comments.

If you don’t want any communication around entries, you can always disable this option.

Share Options

Sharing options is a great way to automate the information flow in your organization.

It allows you to CC relevant stakeholders with a PDF copy or a push notification of relevant entries.

You can even set up specific triggers to get notified in real time on the things that are most interesting to you and your team!

For example, you can set up your sharing options so that all form entries are always shared with a specific manager, or you can have your employees select from a list of different managers, depending on what department they belong to.

Click here to watch the Share Options tutorial.

If you prefer a read click here.

Manager Fields

Capturing information from your users is just the first step in the forms. With Manager Fields, you can manage the full workflow process by providing feedback to your employees after each submission, tagging additional managers, and even adding your own signature to an entry.

For example, if someone made a stock order, you update the delivery status (approved, delivered, declined), CC the relevant personnel, mark the expected delivery date, and even send notes back to the user! That way the complete workflow process is managed from end to end and everyone is kept in the loop.

💡Tip: To watch the Manager fields tutorial, click here.

💡Tip: To learn more about manager fields, click here.

Auto Reports

Automated reports are Connecteam’s ‘cruise control’ - it's our way of keeping you in the loop with no effort from your end. You can set up a frequency, and target audience, and choose what will be included in the report so that you’re saving yourself a ton of time and effort.

For example, every 1st day of the month, send me a summary report of all the safety incidents marked as high-risk.

Pro Tip: To watch the auto-report tutorial, click here.

Pro Tip: To learn more about the auto-report, click here.

Form Entries and Summaries

Easily track your employee's progress and gain valuable information from, entries insights. Using the summary view, you can get a detailed breakdown of each and every field inside your form. In the insights tab, you can see the number of entries and percentage of forms that completed each field, left it empty or didn't see it at all due to conditional logic.

💡Tip: To learn more about form entries and summaries, click here.

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