If you are using the Workflow feature regularly, you must know about these 5 "killer" capabilities that can take your team to the next level.

The capabilities are:

  1. Auto Reports

  2. Share Options

  3. Notes and Statuses

  4. Automated Reminders

  5. Bulk Actions

Auto Reports

Automated reports are Connecteam’s ‘cruise control’ - it's our way to keep you in the loop with no effort from your end. You can set up a frequency, target audience, and choose what will be included in the report so that you’re saving yourself a ton of time and effort.

For example, every 1st day of the month, send me a summary report of all the safety incidents reports marked as high-risk.

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Share options

Sharing options are a great way to automate the information flow in your organization.

It allows you to CC relevant stakeholders with a PDF copy or a push notification of relevant entries.

You can even set up specific triggers to get notified in real-time on the things that are most interesting to you and your team!

For example, you can set up your sharing options so that all workflows entries are always shared with a specific manager or you can have your employees select from a list of different managers, depending on what department they belong to.

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Manager Fields

Workflows are a great way to capture information from your field team. However, capturing the information is just the first step. With Manager Fields, you can manage the full workflow process by providing feedback to your employees after each submission.

For example, if someone made a stock order, you update the delivery status (approved, delivered, declined), CC the relevant personnel, mark the expected delivery date and even send notes back to the user! That way the complete workflow process is managed from end to end and everyone is kept in the loop.

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Automated Reminders

Having to remind your employees to fill out their required daily or even weekly Workflows can be tedious and takes up valuable time.

With our automated reminders, you can now sit back and relax.

You can set the reminders on a weekly or monthly basis, choose the days of the week you want your employees to be reminded on to submit the workflow, select the relevant time of the day they will be reminded, and even send an additional automated reminder to users if the first reminder wasn't enough.

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Bulk actions

Workflow Bulk actions allow the manager to perform many actions with one click.

It gives the manager the capability to delete many workflow entries at once, download many entries as PDF's and even download their attachments alone, saving the manager time and effort as it doesn’t need to be done one-by-one, instead one single click takes care of everything for you.

For example, if you have an expense reimbursement form, you can simply choose to download only the receipt images and send them straight to your accountant.

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