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How to set admin permissions from within the Documents feature.

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If you are not new to the Connecteam platform, then we are sure that you know about admin permissions. These permissions allow you to set exactly what actions an admin can take in regard to a specific feature.

With the Documents feature, you can keep track of their employees documents, contracts, certifications, and more all in one place! You can even require approval for uploaded documents or set expiry dates for certain documents. To ensure that documents are managed correctly and appropriately you can set different permissions for different administrators who are assigned to the documents feature.

In this article, we will go over the admin permissions that are specific to Documents and how to set them.

💡 Tip: If you are new to Connecteam then we recommend you have a look at this article to get a better understanding of what admin permissions are, before continuing with this step.

How to Set Admin Permissions in the Documents Feature

To set permissions for an admin in the documents, enter the feature, click on Options, and click on Settings. Navigate to the document pack you want to assign admin permissions for and click on the asset admins. Here you can add a new admin and set their permissions, or adjust the permissions for an existing admin. Click Save changes to lock the permissions in place.

Take a look at how to do this below.

💡 Tip: The default admins on a new pack will be all admins with permissions to the Documents feature.

Types of Permissions

For each Document pack created, you can define several types of permissions.

View Only - This permission will allow the admins to enter a specific document pack and only view or download already uploaded documents, and to send as notifications to users when necessary.

Upload - This allows admins to upload documents on behalf of users.

Approve/reject - In addition to the previous permissions, this allows admins to approve or reject documents, or reset the status of uploaded documents.

Edit - In addition to the previous permissions this permission allows admin to take all actions in the documents feature. They can edit the existing documents, adjust the document settings, and even add new documents to the pack or create new packs.

What do my admins see if they try to perform an action that they do not have permission for?

If an admin tries to perform an action that they do not have permission for they will be notified that permission is required. In some of the images above you will notice this notification appears.

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