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Understanding general admin permissions and their default settings.

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Admin Permissions allow you to decide which actions your admins are and are not allowed to take. They give you control over which admins have access to which information. Besides the category and asset permissions that are assigned to each admin inside individual features, there are also general default options for your convenience. In this article, we will go over what are the general settings and their default and how this changes as you add more than three admins.

The article is divided into 3 parts for your understanding: Default General Admin Permissions Settings, Types of General Admin Permissions, and Our Recommendations

Part 1: Default General Admin Permissions Settings

To navigate to these permissions. Access your dashboard's settings menu and click on the "Admin Permissions'' tab. By default, all the boxes will be checked.

Part 2: Types of General Admin Permissions

Now that you know where the general admin permissions are, let's go over the permissions which exist.

  • Admins can create Smart groups: By Default, if the option is checked this means that admins all admins added will be able to create new smart groups.

To learn more about smart groups click here

Default categories and asset permissions:

  • Add all admins to this category: By default, all admins will be added to the category. A category can be Forms, Surveys, Courses, etc.

  • Admins can add other admins to this category: By default, all admins can add other admins to the category.

  • Add all admins to this asset: By default, all admins will be automatically assigned to new content inside a category. An asset can be one Form inside the Forms category or a course inside of the Courses category.

  • Admins can add other admins to this asset: By default, all admins can add other admins to new assets.

Default smart groups permissions:

  • Add all admins to this group: By default, all admins will be automatically assigned to the new smart group.

  • Admins can add other admins to this group: By default, admins will be able to add other admins to the smart group.

Part 3 Our Recommendations

Now that you understand the default settings let's discuss our recommendations for different size companies.

  • For larger companies: we recommend that you remove the default settings and adjust them according to your company’s needs. This can be done by unchecking the above boxes and adjusting each admin's permissions.

  • For smaller companies: Meaning 1-20 employees with less than 3 admins then we recommend that you leave the default settings as is.

While this feature is completely customizable to your company’s needs, please note that here at Connecteam if you meet certain requirements and have added a 4th admin your default settings will automatically be shut off, as seen below.

The reason this occurs is that we find that many medium to larger-sized companies do not intend for their admins to have access to everything. Therefore rather than creating a situation where afterward you (the owner) need to manually remove admins for features and assets they do not belong on, we automatically do not add them, and leave their permissions settings to be set by you. This ensures that there is no chance new admins will accidentally have access to features or admins they should not.

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