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How to set admin permissions from within the Knowledge Base

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If you are not new to the Connecteam platform, then we are sure that you know about Admin permissions. These permissions allow you to set exactly what actions an admin can take in regards to a specific feature.

In the knowledge base, you can centralize all the information of the company or information on a particular subject, department in the company. To ensure that each knowledge base is managed correctly and appropriately for the organization, you can set different privileges for different administrators who are assigned to the knowledge base.In this article we will go over the admin permissions which are specific to the knowledge base and how to set them.

Pro tip: If you are new to Connecteam then we recommend you have a look at this article to get a better understanding of what Admin permissions are, before continuing with this step.

How to Set Admin Permissions in the Knowledge Base

To set permissions for an admin in the knowledge base, enter the feature and go to the admin section in the top panel, and select the + sign. Here you can add a new admin and set their permissions, or adjust the permissions for an existing admin. Take a look at how this looks below.

Types of Permissions

For each knowledge base category created, you can define several types of permissions.

View - This permission allows admins to enter the knowledge base from their Admin Dashboard and view the general data summary and data summary of each object, filter users, and send them alerts as needed.

Edit & Update - This permission allows admins to enter existing knowledge bases for the Admin Dashboard and edit the knowledge center (update, add, delete objects, etc.) as well as edit assignments.

Add New Knowledge Base - This permission will allow the system admins, in addition to the two previous permissions, to create new knowledge bases within the feature.

What do my admins see if they try to perform an action that they do not have permissions for?

If an admin tries to perform an action that they do not have permission for they will be notified that permission is required. Take a look at how this looks below.

Pro tip: Stay tuned! In the future, you will release permissions within categories of the knowledge base, and not only the entire knowledge base. This will enable you to give admins different permissions per a category.

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