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Small Business Plan: Frequently Asked Questions
Small Business Plan: Frequently Asked Questions

All your questions on the small business plan answered.

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Now that you have become familiar with our Small Business Plan which is perfect for companies between 1-10 users, you may have some questions.

In this article, we will go over some of our most asked questions and provide you answers to every one of them.

Is the small business plan actually free? What is the catch?

Yes the plan is actually free for life, and there is no catch!

As a company Connecteam strives to support businesses of all sizes. We know that running a business can be hard and that especially for small businesses sometimes there can be stormy waters. For this reason, we give all our small businesses with less than 10 users a chance to use Connecteam completely free of charge, with no limitations.

What is and is not included in the Small Business Plan?

The small business plan includes access to each and every feature in the Connecteam Platform with no limitations.

What happens when I add the 11th user?

First we are so happy to see your business growing - it is no easy task! Once you add your 11th users, you will need to choose a plan that will better fit your current business needs. Connecteam offers a variety of plans which you can choose from. Check out our pricing page to learn more, or reach out to us through our live chat to hear our recommendations.

I only have 5 active users, but I'm being told by Connecteam that I have more than 10 users ? How can that be?

On the small business plans all users, both active and archived are included in the seat count. If you have some archived users, then this may the reason you are being told you don't have less than 10 users and should choose a plan. To learn more about archiving and delating users, have a look at this article.

Previously I had more than 10 employees but unfortunately, we needed to downsize our business. Now, we have less than 10. How can I switch to the small business plan?

Upon downsizing, you can go to our upgrade page and choose to join the Small Business Plan. Please note that this needs to be done manually on your end and that we do not automatically move you from a paid plan to a small business plan. The reason being that if your downsize is temporary, and for example, you plan to replace your terminated employees in the near future, we want to keep your plan capabilities consistent.

Before being placed on the Small Business plan I had a monthly subscription to Connecteam, will I continue to be charged for that?

No, you will not. Regardless of the plan you were on we automatically stopped your payments and moved you to the small business plan. You will not be charged again by connecteam.

I already paid for a yearly plan, what is your refund policy?

If you are on the yearly plan then once your renewal date is up you will not be charged again. For annual subscriptions, our refund policy is 30 days, to have a better look at our refund policy take a look at this article.

What other plans does connecteam offer besides this one?

Connecteam offers a limited, basic, advanced, expert, and enterprise plan on our hubs. To learn more about our hubs and plans check out our pricing page or some of our articles found here.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies to ANY question.

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