Operations Hub: The Limited Plan

Learn about all of the Limited Plan capabilities that are available on the Operations Hub

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If you are looking to combine your operational tools within a single platform, then our Operations Hub Limited plan is an amazing plan for you! To begin, the Operations Hub consists of the following features:

The Limited Plan is filled with capabilities that allow you to continue using Connecteam's platform to run your business - free of charge! This plan is perfect for teams who have between 11 to 30 employees who are looking to digitize their business and want the essentials of each feature offered.

If your company has less than 11 employees then you can stop reading here, because our Small Business Plan which is cost-free and includes everything a small business needs is the plan for you!

Pro tip: Looking for more of the essentials? Check out one of our premium plans.

Now let's dive into each feature and go over the capabilities our operations hub limited plan has to offer.

Time Clock

Time Tracking: Track your employee's hours in the timesheets tab, by having them clock in and out to the Connecteam Time clock!

Switch Jobs: Complete access to the switch jobs capability, allowing users to clock in once, and switch between jobs you've created.

Breaks: Set paid or unpaid manual breaks for your users to clock in and out of.

Overtime: Set your daily and weekly Overtime to ensure compliance with your company policies or country’s legal requirements.

Job Schedule

Jobs: Create up to 5 jobs inside the schedule and use them when assigning shifts to your users.

In-Shift Clock In & Out Ability: Limit users to clock in and out directly from their shift

Viewing Capabilities: Choose to view your schedule by date, week, or month, or choose to view the schedule by list.

Search Bar: Use the search bar to scheadule for shift details within the schedule.

Shift Location: Add a location when creating a shift.

Minimized View: Minimize shift details to get a birds-eye view of your schedule.

Filters: Full access to quick and advanced filters.

Week Bulk Actions: Use the following bulk actions; unplish week, unassign week, and clear week.


Create Forms and Checklist: Build customized forms and checklists that fit your company's needs.

Form Template: Access to all Connecteam templates

View Form Entries and Insights: View and download submitted forms. ֿ

Quick Tasks

Create and Assign Tasks: Create and assign tasks to individual or multiple users

View Tasks by Date or List: Complete access to view your tasks exactly in the way you want, by date or list.

Tags: Create up to 5 Tags to organize, sort, and filter tasks related to different projects, departments, locations, and more!

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