Communication Hub: The Limited Plan

Learn about all of our Limited Plan capabilities that are available on the Communications Hub

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If you are looking to take your company's communication to the next level, then our Communication Hub has a ton of capabilities to offer your business. To begin, the Communication Hub consists of the following features:

The communications hubs limited plan is great if your team has between 11 to 30 employees and is looking to manage communication within your organization and keep everyone up to dat. The limited plan on the communications hub offers all the essentials capabilities of each communication feature.

If your company has less than 11 employees then you can stop reading here, because our Small Business Plan which is cost-free and includes everything a small business needs is the plan for you!

Pro tip: Looking for extras? Check out one of our premium plans!

Now let's dive into each feature and go over the capabilities our communications hub limited plan has to offer.


Team Chats - Create unlimited team chats, with up to 5 users per a chats. In team chats you and your team can communicate together.

Chat from anywhere in the platform: Access to the chat in the top right hand corner, allowing you to user the chat from anywhere in the platform.


Unlimited Updates: Create and publish as many updates as you need keeping your organization always up to date.

Update Templates: Full access to all of Connecteam's pre-created update templates.

Likes and Comments: Allow users to comment and like update posts boosting your employee engagement with the app.


Unlimited Surveys - Create as many surveys as you wish within your account

Templates - Use one of our ready-made templates to get you up and running quickly!


Unlimited Events - Create and publish as many events as you need!

Add a Link as a Location - Weather your event takes place in person or its a virtual you can add any link to the events location.


Directory: Activate a digital phone book of your company. A place where any user can search for a fellow teammates’ information.

Limit information: Decide which information is displayed in the directory.

Knowledge Base

500 MB Storage - to store all your files inside the Connecteam Platform.

Knowledge Bases Within a Category - create up to 3 knowledge base in each category.

Folders - create up to 3 folders within each knowledge base.

Knowledge Templates Library - access to all of Connecteam's pre created knowledge base templates.

Want to know more about our premium plans?

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