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Recognitions: Filter For and Export Sent Recognitions
Recognitions: Filter For and Export Sent Recognitions

Learn how to filter for and export sent recognitions.

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Recognitions is a great way to recognize your employee's accomplishments, celebrate wins, promote company values, and much more!

After you have created and sent a few recognitions you might want to get a list of recognitions sent and create a report. This can be great for example to get a list of everyone who received the employee of the month or top sales associate within a certain time frame allowing you to see who your top performers are. Filtering and Exporting allows you to do just that!

Filtering for Recognitions

To filter for recognitions, enter the Recognitions lobby and select the filter options. Then set the filter criteria and that's it! Take a look at all the filtering options below.

Exporting Recognitions

Like almost every capability on the Connecteam platform, you can export all the recognitions you have sent. You can do this after filtering as well, to gain even more specific information.

To export information from the recognition page simply use the export button located in the top right corner.

Now that you know how to filter and export, get to work figuring out who your most recognized employees are and who might need a little more encouragement!

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