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Recognitions: Sending a Recognition from the Users Tab
Recognitions: Sending a Recognition from the Users Tab

Learn to send recognitions directly from a user's profile.

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Recognitions is a great way to recognize your employee's accomplishments, celebrate wins, promote company values, and much more!

After setting up the recognition feature you can easily send recognitions from the feature itself, or from inside the user's profile. Sending recognitions from inside a user's profile gives you the opportunity to send recognitions spontaneously while looking at information or accomplishments inside their profile. Perhaps you see something you are proud of and want to show them some appreciation. With the ability to send recognitions directly from inside their profile it is easier than ever!

Recognitions in the Users Profile

To find recognitions in the user’s profile simply enter the Users tab, select a user, and navigate to the recognitions tab.

Here you can see all past recognitions a user has ever received.

If the user is also an admin you can also see all the rewards they have sent previously. Simply set the drop down to be Send and they will appear. Take a look at how this looks below.

How to Send Recognitions From Inside a User’s Profile

To send a recognition simply select the send recognitions buttons and by default the user will already be selected. Then Select the badge, viewers, and a message, and press send.

Take a look at how the full process looks below

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