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How to See Company Events from the Mobile App
How to See Company Events from the Mobile App

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With Connecteam’s app, you now have the ability to view all of your company's events straight from your mobile app.

You can easily mark your attendance status and add a comment to any event from where ever you are.

How to View the Events from your Mobile App Step by Step:

  1. Access the company’s app. Click here to learn how.

  2. Click on the Assets tab that is located at the bottom of the screen

3. Scroll down, and choose Events

You can view all of your company's events in a minimized format, by clicking the two arrows in the top right corner. You can expand the events by clicking the same two arrows again.

You can search for any event using the search bar at the top of the screen.

4. To mark your attendance status, simply click on View event details, and mark your status at the bottom of the screen by clicking the relevant option

You can update your status if needed. All you need to do is click the event details, and choose the relevant status at the bottom of the screen.

Pro tip: Easily add any event to your personal calendar by clicking the add to calendar on the popup at the top of the screen when choosing Yes as your status.

If the event has an address, simply click on it and it'll open up in Google Maps.

5. View and add a comment by clicking on the event, then click on View all comments. Here, you can write a comment for everyone to see.

You can also add a GIF/photo/location/file by clicking on the paper clip icon to the right of the comment box.

Need more guidance? 🙋 Our LIVE support team (at the bottom right corner of your screen) replies in under 5 mins to ANY question.

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