An event in the Connecteam app is a calendar-based resource that can be used to notify users of internal company events. Events can be created by an admin and can be open to anyone, can invite a single user, an entire group, or even the whole company.

When should we create an Event?

Create events for special occasions like a conference, a birthday party, an upcoming company trip, an online company meeting, a holiday party, or anything else that allows your employees to gather in a place to “let their hair down.”

It can also be used for day to day events such as team meetings, company get-togethers, company happy hours, and more.

What’s the benefit of even having a company event? It validates your employees, boosts morale, creates a more productive team, and leads to a better, more positive workplace.

Events are easy to create:

Follow these simple steps:

Add an event title - Explain the main purpose

Add a cover image - Make it colorful! Upload your image or select one from our already-designed images

Add a description - Include more information about the event so your team knows what to expect. Add photos, files, and even a shortcut to other assets within the platform, such as a form or a poll

Add the start & end time

Add a location - Make it easy for attending employees to understand where the event is taking place and quickly navigate to that location if needed

User Actions:

How your employees can respond to the event.

  • View the details of the event

  • Reserve a spot

  • Add the event to their calendar

  • Communicate about the event directly on the events page


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