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Using Updates is a great way to engage employees and interact with them. You can think of updates as your company's social media, and any update you post can be viewed from the company’s feed.

Sometimes however, there are important (or even urgent) updates that you need to make sure your users have indeed read and understood the information contained in the update. Examples of these include updated work procedures prior to starting a shift, an updated safety briefing, or registering for an event that might expire, a reminder to log in, and so much more.

Connecteam’s pop up updates capability gives you peace of mind, allowing you to set an update to include a pop up with a confirmation button. These updates will be the first thing your users see when entering the platform, and the added confirmation button ensures that no information is missed.

In this article we will go over:

What do Pop Up Updates Look Like For Users?

A pop up update, unlike a normal update, will appear immediately upon entering the app. The users will not have the ability to proceed without clicking on the Confirmation or Remind Me Later Buttons. Take a look at how this looks below.

If the users selected the remind me later option then the update will pop up for them again on their next entry to the app and will continue to pop up, until they click OK, or until the update’s pop up expires.

Pro tip: Even after clicking the Confirmation button/Reminder at a later time, the update will appear in the feed. An employee who clicked “Remind Me Later" will also be able to confirm the update via the feed itself.

How To Create a Pop Up Update?

To create and send a pop up update, all you have to do is enter the "Updates" feature on the left side bar. Click Add New, create the update, choose who to assign it to, and continue until you reach the settings page. On this page, you can enable the pop up by checking the pop-up upon launching the app and require confirmation option. Take a look at how this looks below.

Here you can define two things:

  • Confirmation Button Text - Here you can set up a confirmation button which users will need to click to advance to the main page of the app. This button can be customized and you can select the appropriate text for the update, such as "I understood", "Approve" and more. In the example below you can see I created a confirmation button with the text “Read and Understood.”

  • Stop Pop Up After- Selecting this option defines when to stop showing the pop up attached to the update when the application is opened. Here you can select the options of 1, 3, 7, 14 or 30 days. Please note that even after the pop up stops the update can still be viewed on your company's feed.

Pro tip: Don’t want the update to be viewed on your feed after the pop up is over? Be sure to schedule its removal from the app.

Viewing and Filtering Pop Up Updates by Status

When updates are published they are marked in the updates overview page with the status published. A published update which includes an active pop up will be marked by a green exclamation point icon. By hovering over the published button you can see when the pop up is set to end.

A published update whose pop up has ended will be marked by a gray exclamation point icon. When hovering over this icon, you can see when the pop up stopped.

To view only pop up updates, you can use the filter option in the top left corner, set the filter to be status is and select pop up. Take a look at how this looks below

Managing Pop Up Updates

After the update is published, you will see all your employees' responses from inside the Admin Dashboard. To view these simply enter the updates feature, then the relevant update. At the top you can see an overview of all the activity related to the update and if you scroll down you can view the individual status of each user the update was assigned to. Take a look at how this looks below.

Reminding Users to Confirm an Update

If you want to remind employees who did not confirm the pop up update you can! Simply head to the updates overview page as done previously and click on the confirmation status overview at the top. Here, a list of users who confirmed and did not confirm the update will appear. Simply click Reminder Them to send them another alert.

Canceling a Pop Up Update

If you published the update to include a pop up and then you want to turn it into a regular update you can easily do this. Enter the Updates feature, and enter the relevant update. In the top right click on the Options tab and select Stop Pop Up

Following this the update will still be published in the employees' feed but will not appear separately for users when entering the platform, nor prevent the employees from continuing to the platform's main page.


In this article we went over the pop up updates capability, we talked about the difference between regular updates and pop up updates. We created an update which included a pop up, and went over how to identify, filter for, and manage these updates and remind employees about them. Finally we went over how to cancel an important update. Now, that you know the basics and more, you can ensure that your users always read all the important information!

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