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Effective communication and organization of information is essential for companies to ensure employees are delivered the content they need. Employees may miss crucial updates or changes when information isn't organized properly, which potentially leads to mishaps and mistakes on the job!

Feed Topics allows you to segment your feed based on your custom topics and categories. This enables you to streamline communication and create a structured feed that keeps employees up to date while maintaining their attention on the information that matters most.

With the ability to differentiate between what’s “Important” and what is merely “Nice to have”, companies can organize Updates by category to ensure everyone stays informed and aligned. For instance, safety announcements can be separated into a dedicated section, providing employees with quick access to critical information. Meanwhile, community announcements can be conveniently placed in a separate section, allowing employees to be informed about less-than-critical updates.

In this article, we will go over:

How to Set Up Feed Topics

  1. Go to your general settings (top right corner of your screen) → Feed settings → Feed topics

  2. Toggle on ‘Enable feed topics’

How to Edit Feed Topics

  • To add a new feed topic, click Add.

  • To remove a feed topic, click on the trash can to the right of the topic.

  • To rename a feed topic, hover over the feed topic and click on the pencil

💡 Tip: This section is visible only to Owners

How to Assign an Update to a Topic

  • When creating or editing an Update, you’ll reach the ‘Publish settings’ screen. When the feature is enabled, owners and admins can assign the Update to a feed topic.

  • To see this setting, make sure the Feed Topics feature is enabled and mark the option ‘Show on feed’ in the Publish settings screen.

  • Owners and admins can select some or all topics.

To learn more about Updates, click here.

How Feed Topics Appear on the Mobile App

On the mobile app, users will see the feed topics listed horizontally on their feed. Press on a topic to view only updates posted there.

Examples of Feed Topics

  • CEO Updates

  • Safety Protocols

  • HR News (new employees, payroll reminder)

  • Company Locations/Branches

  • Fun, Miscellaneous (Weddings, promotions, nights out)

  • Community Events

  • Company News/Announcements

Feed Topics are currently available for Updates only, stay tuned for additional features

*Feed Topics are available from the Communications Expert Plan*

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