Time clock, Job schedule, Forms, and all the other amazing features we have in Connecteam can all be assigned by owners and admins to you employees. Assigning features, allows you to decide which features they see on their mobile app.

For every feature you have the ability to assign either to smart groups or to select users manually.

Assigning Features to Specific Users

If you choose the select employees assignment you can manually choose employees using advanced filters or using the search option to find specific employees. Keep in mind that if you add new employees, you will need to repeat the assignment process to add them to the list. You can assign content to one, a few, or all employees.

To Assign features to specific users follow these steps:

  1. Choose an Asset

  2. Click Edit assignment.

  3. Click select employees.

  4. Make your selection.

  5. Click Next.

  6. Create a custom notification.

  7. Click Confirm.

Note: On the summary screen, you can see how many employees will be assigned to your content. If you wish to edit your assignment at this point, you can click the back button.

Assign Features to Smart Groups

If you choose the smart group assignment, every employee that falls under your smart assignment will be able to see the content. Group assignment applies to existent and future users, which makes your work a lot easier and automatic!

For example, if you were to add a new employee to the Marketing group which has a marketing tag, all content assigned to the group Marketing will be available for that new user at the moment he or she logs in to the app.

To assign a feature to a smart group follow the steps done above. Simply choose the smart groups, instead of choosing the select users, and choose the relevant smart group. Take a look at how this looks below.

Pro Tip: Need to go back and make changes, no worries you can always go back to Edit assignments and make changes.

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