In Connecteam, we want to make sure you, as a manager have the ability to assign each of your Time Clocks to the relevant smart groups or users.

There are two ways to assign the Time Clock: assigning it to Smart Groups or to selected individual employees. Assigning a feature to Smart Group is a dynamic assignment, which will apply both to existing and future users.

Not familiar with the Time Clock feature? Check out our Introduction to The Time-Clock Article.

To Edit Assignments in the Time Clock follow these steps:

  • Navigate to the Time Clock on the left sidebar

  • Click access clock

Click on More at the top right corner of the screen --> Edit Assignments.

Here you can choose if you want to select Smart Groups or selected users, after choosing one of the options click Next

Choose the relevant Smart Groups/ Users and click Next

Notify the users that have been assigned to the Time Clock in the way you see fit, such as via push notification and/or a feed update (You can edit the push notification they will receive).

Click Next, and the summary page will appear. Make sure you have added the appropriate amount of users and click Confirm in the lower right corner.

By assigning the Time Clock to a Smart Group you can make sure that any new employee that is added to the said group will automatically have access to the relevant content. For example, if you assign the Time Clock to a site group and a new employee joins the site, they will automatically appear on your planning board.

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