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Do your employees work overnight shifts? This article is for you. Get everything neat and tidy in one report to get a better display of their working days and hours. In this article, we will go over the Shift Report and its benefits.

In this article, we will go over the following:

Why Use the Shift Report

The report resembles our timesheets but the main difference is that the shift report doesn't display hours by days, it displaces them by shift with each row representing a shift. This export is more suitable for companies that have employees that work overnight shifts since it displays the hours by shifts and not by hours, whereas the timesheets report will display an overnight shift in two rows since they are split between two days. Like the timesheet export, you get to customize what fields should be in the report.

For example, if you have a store that's open 24/7 or your employees work around the clock it can sometimes lead to shifts that start on one date and end on the following date. In the example below we can see that the employee started his shift on Friday Night at 10:00 PM and ended his shift on Saturday morning at 02:00 AM (a total of 4 hours). The Moon icon symbolizes an overnight shift and it is spread on two rows since it starts on one date and ends on another. However, by exporting the Shift report, you will get the overnight shifts in one row, making it clearer and better.

Screenshot of an overnight shift on a timesheet in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

In the example below we can see that the shift that started on Friday, November 25th, and ended on Saturday, November 26th is displayed in one row as one shift

Screenshot of exported overnight shifts from Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

How to Export the Shift Report

To export the shift report:

  1. Access the Time Clock

  2. Go to the Timesheets View

  3. Select the relevant date range

  4. Click on Export

  5. Select "Export shift report", here you'll choose between an excel sheet or a PDF report

GIF of exporting shift report in Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Please note that you can export the reports for a specific employee by clicking on their name, selecting the relevant date range, and clicking on "Export" on the top right.

Export Shift Report to Excel

Shift Report (.xlsx)

GIF of exported shift report on Excel from Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

Export Shift Report (PDF)

Just like the shift report, if you have a shift that crosses days, the shift report PDF will keep each shift on a single row instead of splitting it up into several days and will allow you to include employee notes, manager notes, and up to four shift attachments. Here is what it would look like:

Screenshot of exported PDF shift report from Connecteam's Time Clock admin dashboard

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Common Use Cases for the Shift Report

Food and beverages

Bartenders and receptionists might work past midnight or overnight shifts, this is where the shift report can come in handy since it will gather their hours and display them in one shift rather than divide them into separate dates and rows in the report. For example, if a bartender starts his shift at 10:00 PM and stays late to close the bar, his shift will be shown in the Shift Report as one shift even though it spreads on two dates (since it's after midnight).


Running a cleaning company might mean that you pay your employees by Job or by customers (regardless of the hours they were working), and not per hour, if so, then the shift report can be helpful. The shift report will show a detailed display of the job that they worked, making it easy to keep track of their Jobs and Customers that they worked.


Security guards and security agents work around the clock, patrolling or not, you need to get their hours gathered in one clear report, using the shift report will make your life a lot easier, it will help you follow your employee's shifts and hours regardless of the time they clocked in or out.


Delivery couriers might get paid by the delivery or by job, regardless of the hour they clock in and out. They might handle a long overnight delivery or handle a couple of delivery per day. Regardless of the time that the employee clocked in or not, the shift report will show a detailed display of the job that they worked.

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