We know that payroll can be tedious. This is why it's been important for us to give you the flexibility to export your employee's timesheets in a variety of formats to suit your exact business needs.

This article will review all of our different options and will act as a starting guide that you can use yourself or share with the person responsible for payroll within your company. Before exporting your timesheets, we also recommend going over our article that discusses how to prepare for payroll. Now, let's review the different payroll exports that we offer.

The exports we will review are the following:

  • Payroll totals: One row for each employee with their totals

  • Timesheets Excel: Breaks up their shifts per day and goes into more detail

  • Timesheets PDF: A PDF version of our timesheets that is perfect to send to clients

  • Shift Report Excel: Breaks up the hours per shift. Perfect for companies that work night shifts and don't want to see each shift split up into different days

  • Shift Report PDF: A PDF version of our shift report that is also suitable to share with clients

  • Multiple Time Clock Export: An export that will combine the hours for all your employees across several time clocks

  • Export to Payroll Integration: Although this is not an export in itself, you can also push your employee hours to one of our existing payroll integrations.

To begin, there are two ways to export your employees timesheets. You can either head over to your Time Clock, click on the Timesheet tab and click on export to get the information for all your employees

You can also click on a specific employee to get their personal timesheets in the same available formats

Now, that you know how to export your timesheets, let's go over the different options

Payroll totals (.xlsx)

Our Payroll totals export is perfect for companies that only care about the bottom line for each employee. This export is our most summarized export and contains one row per employee with all of their totals.

Timesheets (.xlsx)

The timesheets export breaks down your employee's hours on a day-to-day basis. In other words, on any given day. you can see their hours worked, what job they clocked into, and depending on your settings, custom fields, their geolocation stamps, shift attachments, overtime, and much more. This export is great for companies that want an overview of exactly what is going on for each workday.

When exporting the Timesheets you get to customize the report and decide what information you want to include. For instance, you can choose:

  • What custom fields to include

  • What shift attachments should be included (if the feature is activated)

    • Include shortcodes

  • What data layers should be included (if the feature is activated)

  • Punch location addresses (if the feature is activated)

  • To exclude users with no entries

  • Include day name in the date column

  • Include user name on every row

And the end result will look something like this:

Timesheets (PDF)

Our timesheets PDF is similar to our timesheets in that it splits the information on a day-by-day basis, but exports the information in a more presentable format. A lot of Connecteam managers use this report to, for instance, share with external clients that they want to bill.

If you export the timesheet PDF from your timesheets tab, you will be able to export it, and customize the report to your liking and choose to include up to four shift attachments such as your employee's signatures, employee notes, and manager notes. for all your employees and the reports will be sent to your email. You can of course also export it for a specific employee by going into their own timesheets.

Here is an example of a Timesheet PDF

Shift Report (.xlsx)

The report resembles our timesheets but the main difference is that each shift will have its own row. This export is more suitable for companies that have employees that work overnight shifts and that do not want the hours split across two rows. Like the timesheet export, you get to customize what fields should be in the report and the end result will look something like this:

Shift Report (PDF)

Just like the shift report, if you have a shift that crosses days, the shift report PDF will keep each shift on a single row instead of splitting it up into several days and will allow you to include employee notes, manager notes and up to four shift attachments

Multiple Time Clock Export

If you are a larger organization and have employees in several time clocks we've made life easy. If you go back to your Time Clock lobby, you will now be able to export all your employee's timesheets and merge them into one combined export. Just click on the export button and select the payroll period you wish to export.

Keep in mind that for the combined export to work, you will need your break settings and your overtime settings to be identical across all your time clocks, or else the export will not work and you will get the following error message:

Payroll Integrations

Instead of exporting your hours manually, you can export them directly using our Time Clock integrations. We currently support exports to QuickbooksOnline, but will very soon be adding Gusto, Xero, and ADP to our arsenal of integrations. To discover and connect our integrations, just click on the export button, select discover integrations, and connect to your designated payroll provider.

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