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Our Time Clock was designed to allow you to easily track the work hours of your team and to make payroll a breeze! From an admin perspective, you can easily see what’s going on with your employees on a daily basis. The Time Clock Export capability provides you with the flexibility and options to export your employee's timesheets in a variety of formats to suit your exact business needs.

In this article, we will cover how to export multiple time clocks at once!

If you are a large organization or have your employees assigned to several Time Clocks, then we've just made your life a whole lot easier! Instead of having to export your employee hours one by one, by accessing your Time Clock lobby, you will be able to export all your employee's timesheets and merge them into one combined payroll total export or timesheet export! To do so, simply access your Time Clock feature from the left sidebar, and under the Time Clock Lobby click the export button and select the payroll period you wish to export. Then click on "Get Report".

Keep in mind that for the combined export to work, you will need your break settings and your overtime settings to be identical across all your time clocks, or else the export will not work and you will get the following error message:

Screenshot of conflicts found message in the Time Clock on Connecteam's admin dashboard

In order to resolve your conflicts, you'll have to align your overtime and breaks settings on each of your time clocks. To do this you will need to go into the settings of each time clock and adjust them to match. Then you can follow the steps above to use the multiple export capability.

*The Multiple Time Clock Export is available from the Operation Hub Expert Plan and above*

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