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Courses: Connecteam's Onboarding Template
Courses: Connecteam's Onboarding Template

Use our template to transform your employee's onboarding experiance

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Employee training is the cornerstone of a professional workforce and a successful business, and if you have read our article on the importance of employee onboarding, training, and development, then you know exactly what we mean!

Of all the training, however, onboarding is the most important one. This is because if you have an employee arrive on day one of their employment you have to teach them about your company and the role before they can begin doing their job. Onboarding gives the employee understanding of everything they need to know about the company, the requirements, the professionalism needed, and the daily tasks - giving the employee some certainty, clarity, and a good start.

To ensure that you are able to create the best onboarding experience for your employees, you should consider using Connecteam's comprehensive onboarding template in our Courses feature.

To access the template enter the courses feature, create a course, and click on use a template the select the onboarding course template.

The template is filled with items and examples of onboarding content, by clicking on the edit button you can replace and customize the content to meet your company's onboarding needs. Remember that creating content doesn't need to require a lot of fancy rescources, it can be as simple as taking out your cell phone and filming a welcome message from your company's CEO.

Additional Rescources

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