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How Can I Update an Existing Form Template I Created?
How Can I Update an Existing Form Template I Created?
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There is no direct way to edit an existing template, however, in this article, we will go over a few alternatives that eventually update to form the template you have created.

Now, let's go over the two ways that eventually lead to updating an existing template:

Duplicating a Form

Let's first begin with the principle that: You don't need a template for everything because you can duplicate any existing form. Especially since you are limited per a plan to the number of templates you can create, it is best to use templates only for forms that need to be recreated often, or for other features such as templates in the job scheadule.

If you are trying to create a new form based on an existing one that was created - there isn't a need to update the template. You can simply duplicate the form, make the necessary changes, and then publish it.

To do so, hover over the relevant form, and click on the duplicate form. Immediately you will see the same form labeled as a copy. Enter the form, click on options edit make the needed changes, and press save.

Then go back to the options tab and select edit assignments, assign the relevant users or smart group, and publish the form.

Note: This option will only work if the admin is an administrator on the form that needs to be duplicated. To learn more about admin permissions.

Creating a New Template

If you create a form template and then want to update it, the first step would be to duplicate the original template. Then, go ahead and edit the form with whatever edits are required. When you are done editing, click on "Save as template" and make sure to add an indication to the form's name, such as "Updated" or "New" so you know that this is the most updated version of the form template.

Once you are done with that, you can handle the original form template. If you have updated the template and don't need the original form anymore you can delete it by hovering over it and clicking on the trashcan.

Note: None of the actions affect the original form which was based on the deleted template. Meaning that even if you create a new template the form (that you originally duplicated) was not updated. If you need to update the original form then it is best to create a new form and archive the original form. We always recommend archiving instead of deleting- the submissions are stored and available for you to review if you ever need them.

Let's take a look at an example of how this works from start to finish. I have a form template called "Tal's Office Checklist". In this form, I have a field asking if all 3 laptops are fully charged. However, we bought another laptop and now have a total of 4, so we need to update the field in the form. First, I duplicate the form "Tal's Office Checklist", then I edit the duplicated form. I have modified the field and changed it to "4 laptops are fully charged". Then, I hit the "Save as template" button and changed the form name to "Tal's Office Checklist UPDATED", click on "Save as template", and then "Save". I want to save the past submissions made on the original form, so I archive it. That's it! It's that easy!

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