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I Want to Use an Existing Form As a Template For a New Form. How Can I Do That?
I Want to Use an Existing Form As a Template For a New Form. How Can I Do That?
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If you created a form and want to use it as a base for a new form then even if you didn't originally save it as a template this can be done.

First, even with an existing form, you can always save it as a template. To do this enter the relevant form, click on edit, and once inside click on save it as a template and name the template. Now you can navigate back to the form lobby click on add new, and select the template you just created.

Keep in mind that you should only save forms as templates a form you will use as a basis for forms again and again as there are a limited number of templates throughout the template depending on your

Another and perhaps more effective way to use an existing form as a template for another form is to duplicate the existing form and then make changes to the duplicated form. To do this follow the steps below:

  1. Hover over the relevant form and click duplicate. Notice the form is duplicated as a draft and says Copy.

  2. Now to make changes to the form. Enter the duplicated form, and click on options, and edit. When you're finished publish the form to the relevant users or smart group.

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