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Users Troubleshooting: Can't Promote a User to Admin Status
Users Troubleshooting: Can't Promote a User to Admin Status
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If you are a system owner or admin who is encountering difficulty in promoting a user to admin or owner status, you’ve reached the right place! In this article, we’ll review how to self-troubleshoot the issue and offer a few different reasons for why this happens.

You can see if a user has accepted or has not yet accepted an admin invitation on the dashboard. Navigate to the Users tab and click on the Admins tab to view the full list of owners and admins. If the users have accepted the invitation, they will have a star (for admins) or crown (for owners) in their profile photo, and they have a green checkmark in the 'Accepted' column.

If you see a red X, this means they have not accepted the email invitation. Please note that if it's been more than 48 hours, you will need to resend the invite link. To do so, click on ‘Resend’.

In most cases, you won’t be able to promote a user to an admin for any of the following reasons:

Incorrect Admin Permissions: You do not have the correct permissions, so you cannot see the user in the platform or you don't have permission to promote users at all.

Duplicate Account: The employee’s email is already in use in another account.

Technical Issue: The user isn't receiving the invite email or has received it but it doesn't work.

Continue reading to learn how to troubleshoot each scenario.

Incorrect Admin Permissions

To check if you have the correct admin permissions, please check the following:

  1. Go to the Users tab and check if you see the relevant user on the list. If you do not see the user in the Users tab, then you won't be able to find the user in the system in order to promote them.

    To fix this, you need to be an admin of the user's smart group. Therefore, go to the Smart Groups tab and check if you are an admin of the ‘all users’ smart group or of the user’s specific smart group. If you are not an admin of their smart group, you will not see the user on the platform at all.

  2. If you are an admin - check if you are able to promote any user. If you do not have this permission, you will see the option to add admins or promote users greyed out.

    To add this option, request an owner or an admin with all permissions to add the 'Manage admins' option to your permissions in the Users tab.

Duplicate Account

If you're receiving an error message that the email already exists in another Connecteam account, it's possible the user has created a new account rather than joined your company's account. In this case, reach out to the user to verify this is indeed the case and request to delete their account.

Technical Issues

If you have successfully clicked Promote, the user should have received an admin invitation to their email inbox. This is what the admin invitation looks like. They need to click 'Join the company' and proceed to create a password.

If the user claims they have not received the email:

  1. Resend the invitation from the Admins tab.

  2. Ask the promoted user to check their spam and junk email folder.

  3. Check if the user has unsubscribed from email communications with Connecteam.

  4. Contact your IT department to check if your company has any email blockers that could prevent Connecteam’s automated invite emails from being received.

  5. If none of the above steps help, reach out to the Support team.

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