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Time Clock: Scheduled VS. Hours Worked
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Every business needs to track how its resources are allocated. At Connecteam we have got you covered! You can easily identify whether an employee worked more or fewer hours than planned, prevent any pay exceptions, and address issues before approving timesheets. This ultimately enhances business efficiency by enabling more informed labor and workload decisions; as well as allocating resources more accurately.

In this article we will go over:

How to Activate Scheduled VS. Actual Hours

To activate the ability to view scheduled vs actual hours you first need to make sure to sync your time clock and job schedule. To sync the two, head to the relvent time clock click on more and then sync with the shift scheadule. To learn more about syncing the two check out this article.

Once that's done, go to the Time Clock Settings and Click on the General Tab.

Then make sure the option "Show the difference between scheduled and worked time in timesheets" is checked.

Then you can check one or both of the following options:

  • Highlight if employee worked X minutes more than scheduled

  • Highlight if the employee worked X minutes less than scheduled

Be sure to save changes when finished.

How to Read Your Employee's Timesheets

To view the differences between the schedules enter the timesheets tab and enter the relevant employee timesheet. Here you can see the breakdown of hours by day. The difference can be seen in red and is marked by either the + symbol (meaning they worked more than scheduled) or the - symbol (meaning they worked less than scheduled). Take a look at how this looks below.

Getting a More Detailed View of Hours Scheduled

Once inside the employee's timesheets, you can click on the difference to get a more detailed view of the exact shift and hours the employee was supposed to work vs the actual hours they worked. If you would like to contact the employee for further clarification on any discrepancies you can do so by clicking on the chat icon and chatting with the employee. Take a look at how this looks below.

Exporting the Scheduled VS. Actual Hours

Like most things in Connecteam, the scheduled vs actual hours can be exported.

To export these for all of your employees, enter the Timesheets tab click on the Export button, and select the Timesheets option.

To export the same, report but for a specific employee enter that employee's timesheet and click on the export.

In the export itself, you will see columns displaying the total hours, scheduled hours, and the difference take a look at how this looks below.

Note that the ability to export scheduled vs actual hours is only available in the timesheets (excel) export or when using the custom export with the time sheets option.

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