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Pay Rates FAQs

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Pay rates allow you to set the rate at which each user in your company is paid and to see the exact salary they should be getting paid. In this article, we'll go over some of our clients' most frequently asked questions. But before getting started with reading our FAQs, make sure to check out our full guide to pay rates first!

Can I set users' pay rates in bulk?

Yes, you can update your employee's pay rates in bulk. To update pay rates in bulk follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Users Tab.

  2. Select the Users whose pay rates need to be updated

  3. Click on the 'Actions Tab' and select 'Set Pay Rate'

  4. Configure the Employees Wage and Click on Update Wage

Are there pay rates by job?

Currently, employee rates can only be sent as hourly, monthly, or yearly rates. We have a system to track votes on new features to better fit our roadmap to our clients' needs. You are welcome to vote for this feature, so if and when it is developed, you will get notified directly by email!

This feature would allow admins to define the pay rate per job, per employee. This way, you can assign a job a specific pay so you can have employees receive different pay depending on the job they work in.

How will the pay rate look for view-only admins?

Admins with view-only permission will be able to see the pay rate in the User profile, but not be able to update it.

Screenshot of user's pay rate for view-only admins on Connecteam's admin dashboard

How will the pay rate look for admins without permission?

Admins without permission, will not see the pay rate. Instead, they will see a message stating permission is required.

Screenshot of a user's pay rate for admins without permissions on Connecteam's admin dashboard

What do the users see regarding the pay rate?

If you have enabled the option for users to see their pay rate as shown here, then the users will also be able to see their calculated pay, inside of their timesheets.

Please note that this capability is currently only visible in a Dashboard view.

Are overtime hours also added to the calculated salary?

Yes, they are. In the example below you can see that George worked 45 hours a week and his company pays weekly overtime at a rate of 1.5 after 40 hours. Therefore he was paid 5 hours of overtime, and this was included in his calculated pay. If you are not familiar with the overtime settings take a look at our Overtime article.

Can the calculated pay be exported and how will it look?

Yes, of course! Like everything in the time clock calculated pay is also included in the Timesheet exports.

Screenshot of exported Excel file with total pay column on Connecteam's admin dashboard

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