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How to Set Local Holidays
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Setting local holidays depends on what you are referring to and what your goal is. 

If your company is closed for the holiday, so it's a non-working day, and employees are entitled to the day off, use the Time Off feature to grant them paid/unpaid time off. However, if employees are working that holiday and need to be paid accordingly, utilize the Overtime capability of the Time Clock to allow the system to calculate holiday pay rates accurately.

Let's dive into each of these options!

How to Set Local Holidays as Time Off

You can create your specific time off policies to be used when the local holidays arrive and it is time to give your users time off on those dates. Learn how with the following steps!

  1. Access the Time Off feature from the left sidebar

  2. Start by creating the policy type by going into the Paid or Unpaid section (depending on your needs) and clicking on + Add Type » Scroll down until you find the Custom option and click on it » and create a name for your new type

  3. Once the new type is created, go into the selected policies section again and click on + Add Policy

  4. Set the details of your policy:

    1. Policy name

    2. Choose the units - select if the holiday time will be displayed in hours or days.

    3. When asked if you want to set a limit, choose 'No, it's unlimited' since you are creating an unlimited policy

    4. Set the general settings. Choose which work days the policy applies to and the work hours per day.

    5. As an admin, you may want to have control over adding holiday pay for your employees. Therefore, mark the box for 'time off request requires admins approval' and determine the minimum time in advance users may request time off.

    6. Assign the policy to the relevant users.

  5. Click on Save and your new holiday policy has been created!

When Independence Day approaches, for example, it is time to give your users their time off for that day. They can either submit a time off request or you can add time off on their behalf.

How to Set Local Holidays as Overtime

With our Holiday Overtime feature, you can easily create a customized list of holidays. You can pay your employees overtime at their regular rate or set a special rate that applies only to those selected dates. You can even set the holidays to repeat annually!

  1. Go into the Time Clock feature from the left sidebar

  2. Click on Access Clock

  3. Click on the Settings from the top right corner

  4. Go into the Overtime tab

  5. Look for the Holiday Overtime section and make sure to toggle it on

  6. Click on Edit Holidays List and then on Add Holiday Rule

  7. Add all the details for your new holiday rule...

    1. Its name, start and end date, start and end hours if you wish

    2. Choose the multiplier or additional pay

    3. Choose if you wish for the rule to be repeated automatically every year on those same dates

      Screenshot of holiday overtime settings in the Time Clock on Connecteam's admin dashboard

  8. Click on Save and then on Save Changes again to finalize the edits made

Please note: Keep in mind that, in the multiplier section, you can either choose to multiply the base wage by the "x" amount or add it to the base wage "x" amount.

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