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FAQ: Users Can't Clock In Because of Locked Timesheets
FAQ: Users Can't Clock In Because of Locked Timesheets
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A common reason why users sometimes can't clock in is due to locked timesheets.

This occurs when an admin has approved their timesheets for the current payroll period. Once an admin approves a user's timesheet, all dates in that period are locked, preventing any changes, including clocking in on those dates. When this happens, the user will see the message "Can't clock in. This day was locked by your admins", when they attempt to clock in.

This is how it will look like from the user’s mobile app:

How To Reopen a Locked Timesheet

You can easily revert the approval of a payroll period and reopen the user's timesheets so they can clock in again with no issues by following the next steps:

  1. Go into the Time Clock feature from the left sidebar

  2. Click on Access clock

  3. Then access the Timesheets tab

  4. Find the user who is currently unable to clock in due to their timesheet being locked by an admin and access their timesheet

  5. In the top right corner, you will see an indication that the timesheet has been approved. Click on the three dots next to it and select Reopen

  6. A pop-up warning will appear, please click on Reopen again

  7. All done - please ask the user who was experiencing the issue to refresh their mobile app and try to clock in again, they should be able to do so without any issues!

💡Pro tip: To quickly reopen timesheets for multiple users, use the bulk action feature. Go to the Timesheets tab, click the square icon at the top left to select all timesheets, then click Actions and select Reopen. When the pop-up warning appears, click Reopen again

*Timesheet Approval is available from the Operations Hub Advanced Plan and above*

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