Troubleshooting: Dashboard (Web App)

Having issues with the Connecteam web app? Let's troubleshoot this together!

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Are you experiencing any issues with the Connecteam web app? In this article, we will walk you through how to self-troubleshoot when you encounter any issues.

If you're experiencing any issues with the Connecteam mobile app, head over to this article.

Before getting started, we want to make sure you know that Connecteam is most optimized for Google Chrome. If you haven't already, we highly recommend installing Google Chrome to guarantee you enjoy an optimal user experience.

To effectively troubleshoot any issues you're experiencing, please try the following steps in order. If one does not yield any results or improvements, move on to the next:

  1. Empty cache and hard reload:

    First, open the console tab. To do so, right-click on the page, select Inspect from the menu, and then choose the Console tab. Alternatively, press F12.

    Then, long press on the Refresh icon, and select Empty Cache and Hard Reload.

  2. Clear site data:

    First, open the console tab. Click on Applications, navigate to the Storage, and click Clear site data.

  3. Reproduce the issue in an incognito window. To open this window, on your keyboard press Control-Shift-N (for PC) or Command-Shift-N (for Mac).

  4. Access the platform through a different web browser such as Safari, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox.

What should I do if I tried everything and it didn't help?

If none of the above steps helped, contact Connecteam's Support. We're here for you!

When reaching out, please attach screenshots or screen recordings showing the issue at hand. If possible, record your screen with the developer tools open. This will allow our developers to find the root cause of the issue easily.

In addition, try to address any of the following questions as well:

  • Are other users on your account experiencing this same issue?

  • Does the issue persist when switching to another network connection (i.e. data or Wi-Fi)?

How to take a screenshot of your screen

For PC: On your keyboard press Windows Key-Shift-S or press Print Screen (PrtSc).

For Mac: On your keyboard press Shift-Command-3 (to capture the whole screen) or Shift-Command-4 (to capture a portion of the screen).

How to record a video of your screen

You can use the online tool to record for free and then send us the link. Loom allows you to record your camera, microphone, and desktop screen simultaneously. It'll require you to install a Chrome extension or a desktop app.

You can also use your PC's built-in screen recorder. Attach the recording as a video to the chat (if you're an owner or admin) or email it to us at [email protected].

How to open developer tools

Having developer tools open during your screen recording shows us any problematic site activity which allows us to quickly detect the problem at hand. Follow these steps to open the Developer Tools on Chrome:

Right-click on your screen and click Inspect. Open the Network tab at the top and the Console tab at the bottom (press esc if it does not immediately open). Click the 'Clear Console' button on both (1 in the screenshot below) to clear the data and click 'Record network log' (2) to start recording the activity - if it turns red that indicates it's recording.

When screen recording, make sure you're recording the entire window so that the developer tools window is included in the frame.

Lastly, download the har file (3), save it to your computer, and send us this file as well.

Here's a recorded video that shows you how to open the developer tools.

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