Team chat allows you to create groups and share relevant information with each other.  Team members can send messages, share their location and even send images. All team members have the ability to see and respond messages. 

When you create a new team chat, make sure you choose a name for the group.

When do I use Smart Groups?

If you want to create a Team Chat for a group of employees like "Bartenders chat", smart groups will be your choice. The Team Chat will be available to current and future users that match the group's rules set.

If a user is added or removed from smart group, the system will automatically remove or add the mobile user to the Team Chat. You don't need to worry about adding new employees or removing employees that left the company. Connecteam does it automatically for you!

In the example above, new employees that fall under the bartender smart group will be automatically added to the Team Chat.

When do I use Select Users?
If you want to create a Chat  with existent users only, the select user option is the right choice. With the Select Users option, you can manually select which users you want to add.

Keep in mind that you will be an admin of every group that you create.

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