Can I edit team chats?

Manage Teams and Channels and edit team admins

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You can manage teams and channels from the manage teams and channels tab.

If you need to edit team admins, add group members, or delete team members this capability will come in handy! All owners and admins of the chat can edit all team chats/channels regardless of being part of it.

In this article we will cover:

Team Chat/Channel based on Selected Users Assignment

You can edit the team chat/channel name, add or delete team members and add more admins.

In order to do it, simply follow these steps:

  1. Click Chat on your sidebar

  2. Click the manage teams and channels tab

  3. Click the edit button

  4. You can now edit the team name. Click next

  5. Now select users from your list. You can add more team members or delete them. Click next:

  6. Now it's time to select team admins. Click select admins and add/ delete team admins. Click next and confirm. Done!

GIF of assigning users to a team chat in Connecteam's Chat feature

Want to learn more? You can check this link here to know more about Selected Users Assignments!

Team Chat/Channel based on Smart Groups Assignment

Since a team chat/channel based on smart groups will automatically add or delete employees based on the smart group rules, there is no team admin.

What you can edit are the assignments:

  • Re-assign the team chat/channel to a different smart group, or add another smart group.

  • Re-assign the team chat/channel using the select users option

GIF of assigning smart groups to a team chat in Connecteam's Chat feature

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