Deleting Payroll Records in the Time Clock

Learn how to clear payroll records

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Whether it's to correct mistakes, ensure compliance, or simply maintain accurate data, deleting payroll records can be a necessary task in managing your payroll efficiently and correctly.

In this article, we'll go over:

If you're an admin, you need to have 'Edit timesheets' permissions to make changes to timesheets. Learn more about setting Time Clock admin permissions.

How to delete a payroll record

  1. Access your Time Clock from the sidebar.

  2. Click the Today or Timesheets tab.

  3. Click on the employee whose working hours you want to clear.

  4. Hover your mouse over any record and a trash can icon will appear.

  5. Click the trash can icon to clear the shift.

Please note that any records that you decide to clear cannot be restored.

How to delete payroll records in bulk

If you need to delete more than one record in a timesheet, you can delete records in bulk to speed up the process.

  1. Choose the desired date range.

  2. Select records by clicking on the check box next to the shift line or select all records in the date range by clicking on the check box at the top of the timesheets.

  3. Click on the trash can to delete the shifts.

See here how to bulk-delete records:

*Bulk actions are available from the Advanced Operations plan*

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