At Connecteam we want to make your payroll process as quick and efficient as possible. That's why we released the Timesheet Conflicts which will now spot any time there is an overlap in your employee's timesheets and allow you to quickly resolve it. No longer will you have to spot these errors yourself, the system automatically does it for you.

To see how it works, click on an employee's timesheet, and you will see the Conflicts at the top.

After clicking on the conflicts tab you will be able to see any shift overlaps

If an absence is overlapping you have the option to quickly delete the shift

If two shifts are crossing over then you can quickly cut one of the shifts so that they no longer overlap

Finally, if a break is in the middle of a shift you have the option to split the shifts so that they are now aligned

You can also see all of the historical conflicts in the History tab

Timesheet Conflicts are available on the Expert plan and above!

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