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Timesheet Conflicts

Avoid payroll mistakes and save money by spotting any overlapping hours

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At Connecteam we want to make your payroll process as quick and efficient as possible. That's why we released Timesheet Conflicts, which will spot any overlap in your employee's hours and allow you to quickly resolve it. You will no longer have to spot these errors yourself, the system automatically does it for you.

To view a timesheet's conflicts, navigate to the Time Clock feature, click on an employee's timesheet, and click on the red Conflicts button at the top of the timesheet. You have the option to view open conflicts or history.

The Conflicts tab will show you three kinds of conflicts: overlapping shifts, breaks, and time off.

Overlapping shifts

This occurs when shifts are manually added or edited. It essentially means that employees were clocked in for two shifts at once. To resolve this conflict, click Cut start/end, choose which of the shifts to cut the start or end time for so that they no longer overlap, and click Confirm cut.

Overlapping breaks

This occurs when a break is manually added to the timesheet, rather than having the user clock in and out of the break. It means that rather than splitting his shift into two and adding the break between them, the employee added the break on top of the shift therefore it appears he is working when he has a break. To resolve this conflict, click Split containing. You'll see a preview of how the shifts will split, and click Confirm Split. Please note, an overlapping break will create a conflict only when the break is set as an unpaid break.

Overlapping Time Off

This occurs when time off is added to the user's timesheet (either by an admin on behalf of a user or by an approved time off request) and a user clocked in or had a shift added to their timesheets.

To resolve this conflict, click Delete and choose to either reject the time off or delete the shift. To reject the time off, click on View. This will open the request details, then click on the three dots and select Reject.

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*Timesheet Conflicts are available from the Expert plan*

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