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Can I Add and Edit Shifts from the Dashboard?
Can I Add and Edit Shifts from the Dashboard?

Adding shifts manually in the time clock from the Launch Pad

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With Connecteam's Time Clock, editing your team's timesheets has never been easier! If an employee forgot to clock in and you're looking for a quick way to add in the shift hours, or if there was a mistake and an employee's hours need to be edited, then here is how to do it quickly and easily.

How to add and revise shifts to an employee's timesheets:

  1. Go to the Time Clock asset, located in the grey sidebar.

  2. Click the Timesheets tab.

  3. Pick an employee from the list.

  4. Click Add Shift.

  5. Choose the desired date, hours, and a tag if relevant. Make sure you click Save.

GIF of adding shift to user's timesheet in the Time Clock feature on Connecteam's admin dashboard

Pro tip: If you need to adjust an employee's active shift, the same process can be performed from the Today tab.

This capability adds Timesheets entries for your employees on the Time Clock only, making sure your employees' timesheets are complete.

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