Are you looking to track your employee's breaks? By enabling Breaks within the Time Clock, you can easily track your users break hours. Connecteam gives you two ways to track your breaks:

  1. Automatic unpaid breaks - Automatically deduct X amount of minutes after a certain amount of hours worked. Once activated, unpaid break time will be deducted from the daily total hours for each employee according to your time clock breaks settings.

  2. Manual paid and unpaid breaks - Allow your employees to manually clock into paid or unpaid breaks. This is great for managers whose employees don't always have a fixed break schedule and need to track when and where their employees took a break from. Paid breaks will be added to the daily total whereas unpaid breaks will not.

Automatic Breaks

In order to activate automatic breaks, on your dashboard time clock go to settings > breaks, and click on the check box that enables the breaks, then click on "save changes".

** Please notice that automatic breaks will be added to all past timesheets retrospectively. **

Automatic breaks set up:

In order to comply with different labor laws in different countries or states, we allow you to customize the automated break time as you need. Choose how many unpaid breaks will be deducted from your employees timesheet according to how many hours they worked total per day:

Manual Breaks

As soon as manual breaks have been activated, a "Start Break" button will get added to your Time Clock that your employees will be able to clock in and out of. Manual breaks can either be paid or unpaid and will allow your employees to clock into them, just like any other type of job.

The hours will show on your employee's timesheets along with the different jobs that they have performed.

Breaks FAQ:

  • "What if my employee forgot to clock into a break?" - As an administrator, you can add a break from the manager dashboard by going into a specific employee's timesheet, or through the admin tab on the mobile phone by going to the timesheet tab > click on a user > click on add break at the top right corner. As an employee, they can also request to add a break, by going to the time clock > my requests > add new > add break.

  • "I can't see breaks time on the employee timesheet" - make sure to add breaks to your employee timesheets table by clicking on the table columns selector icon and checking the breaks column as shown in the image below.

  • "I can't see the break time when exporting the timesheets" -  For automatic unpaid breaks, the exported timesheets should be as payroll ready as possible, while editing and viewing all raw data is being done on the dashboard as it's easier and more capable than the excel spreadsheet. According to labor law, unpaid breaks should be deducted from the daily total work hours of an employee.

  • "Can I change the break time for a specific day?" - yes. Every admin with access to the employee timesheet can edit a specific daily break time. But, once edited the break time will have a red dot next to it, indicating that it was changed. Hover with the click mouse to see who's the admin that edited the break time. 

  • "What should I do if I have different breaks settings for different employees?" - if you want to have different break time for different employees, or any other time clock settings for that matter, you can add more than 1 time clock. With multiple time clocks, you'll be able to have completely different settings for different employees within your company. Please notice this capability if available in the Advanced plan and above. 

  • "Is it included in all plans?" - manual breaks are available on all premium plans (Basic and above). Automated breaks are available on the Advanced plan and above.

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