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If you are looking to combine your operational tools within a single platform, then our Basic Operations Hub is an amazing starter plan for you! To begin, the Operations Hub consists of the following features:

  • Time Clock

  • Job Scheduler

  • Forms

  • Quick Tasks

The Basic Plan is packed with capabilities and provides you with all of the basic tools that you might need to manage the operations within your organization, and is perfect for smaller teams that are looking to digitize their business.

Time Clock

GPS location stamp: Make sure your employees are clocking in and out on the job site by verifying their Geo-location stamp. The stamp will be generated with every punch in and out by an employee and can be easily found on your dashboard and timesheets.

Exportable timesheets: Get ready for payroll with one click and easily export your timesheets in your preferred format!

Set up your payroll cycle: Set up your payroll cycle and have the system adjust itself to the relevant time frame automatically!

Overtime: Set your own Overtime rules to ensure compliance with your company policies or country’s legal requirements.

Payroll integrations: Export your timesheets with a single click directly to your payroll provider! Learn more about available Integrations right here!

Job Scheduler

Unlimited Jobs: Create unlimited Jobs to easily distinguish between different projects, customers, or locations in your company. Create structure for your employees by easily assigning each job to the relevant shift.

Shift Location: Attach a location or an address to each shift so your employees can easily navigate to their relevant work site. The address will generate a clickable link on your employee's mobile devices!

Open shifts: Are you publishing your shift on a first-come-first-serve basis? Use our Open Shifts to publish a claimable shift for your employees and save yourself the previous scheduling time!

Notifications: Adjust the Notifications to always stay on top of your schedule and get real-time updates on your employees' activity.

List view: Get an overview of your scheduling statistics by using our List View. Select your view, adjust the date range and easily export the data to Excel.


Manager Fields: Perfect the internal communication processes in your company by creating Manager Fields - create an approval process by using the status and note fields!

Image upload field: Get live and accurate updates of an incident or confirm that a job was done to perfection by providing your team members with a way to upload images in real-time.

Share Options: Enable the Share Option so that each entry can be shared with the relevant stakeholders once submitted.

Reorder dropdown items: Rearrange the items on a dropdown list according to your needs!

Export entries: Easily export your list of entries for compliance and reporting purposes.

Quick Tasks

Tags: Use Tags to organize, sort, and filter tasks related to different projects, departments, locations, and more!

Overdue: Manage all your Overdue Tasks in one tab to stay on top of the progress in your company!

Export tasks: Easily export your list of tasks for compliance and reporting purposes.

Task description: Add a description to each task to minimize back and forth phone calls and ensure your employees have all the information to complete a task to perfection.

Sub-tasks: Break down your bigger tasks into smaller sub-tasks to divide the workload between your employees and make it easier for them to complete the task to your satisfaction. You can create up to 2 sub-tasks for each task!

"Still have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us, our customer support team will be happy to answer your questions and help set your app to fit your team’s needs like a glove!”

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