How to Set Your Payroll Cycle and Payroll Reminders

Define your payroll period, remind your staff to go over hours, and respond to pending requests -- 3 min. read

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Tired of always having to chase your employees to submit and review their hours? With Connecteam, you can easily define your payroll cycle and set up reminders for your staff! Processing payroll and getting to payday prepared and punctual is crucial for any business to run smoothly and maintain employee satisfaction. To help you do this, set up reminders for your employees to go over their timesheets and for managers to approve timesheets on time!

In this article we will discuss:

How to Set Up Your Payroll Cycle

To begin head over to the time clock's settings and click on Settings at the top right of your dashboard. In the settings, click on the Payroll tab.

Here's how to get there:

To define your payroll cycle simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the day the week starts.

  2. Click on the 'Payroll cycle' dropdown menu to choose your payroll cycle.

3. Select a recent closing date for payroll (when your latest payroll period ended). Note that we will start counting the payroll cycle from that date and it will automatically update for the next period.

How to Choose Your Payroll Cycle

When choosing a payroll cycle, several factors should be taken into consideration. They may vary depending on your business's needs and circumstances. Some factors that can influence your choice include business requirements, compliance and legal obligations, cash flow, or employee preferences.

  • No predefined cycle: The system will not present a payroll cycle. In the Timesheets tab, you will be given the option to select a date range only.

  • 1 Week: The system will count 1 week (7 days) from the start day chosen.

  • 2 Weeks: The system will count 2 weeks (14 days) from the selected recent closing date for payroll.

  • 4 Weeks: The system will count 4 weeks (28 days) from the selected recent closing date for payroll.

  • Twice a month: The system will count two payroll cycles in a month based on the days of the month chosen for when the first and second pay periods end. You can choose to end the second pay period on a specific day of the month or on the last day of the month.

  • 1 Month: The system will count 1 month (30 days) from the selected day the pay period ends. You can choose if the pay period ends on a specific day of the month or on the last day of the month.

The system will automatically present the current payroll period every time you and your employees view the timesheets. To view past payroll periods, click on the date range in the Timesheets tab, and select the relevant period.

How to Set Up Overtime for Overnight Shifts

To enable the option of having work hours, overtime, and breaks assigned to the day the shift started instead of the next day starting at midnight, make sure to check the option in the Payroll tab for 'Overnight shifts' total hours will be assigned to the day the shift started'.

For more information on this setting, check out our article about Setting Up Overtime for Overnight Shifts.

How to Set Up Payroll Notifications

To ensure that your team stays on top of payroll, you can set up push notifications to remind your employees to review their timesheets and for your managers to approve their employees' timesheets. This notification can serve as a reminder to review any pending requests as well (shift requests and time off requests).

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