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How to Use Breaks as a User
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The Time Clock feature allows you to keep track of your working hours and breaks all in the same place. As a user, in a few clicks, you can easily take your break and have the exact times documented and calculated correctly with no mistakes!

Access your Time Clock, or click on the ongoing shift presented at the top of your feed. Click on the purple button, "Start Break", in the right bottom of your screen. Then, select the break type you are about to take. That's it! You are now on your break. Once you are done, click on "End break" at the bottom of your screen and choose whether you are returning from your break to the job you were clocked into, or if you need to switch jobs and clock into a different job, or finally if you need to end your shift.

In the example below Toby is clocked in and takes his Lunch break, he will return to the same job when he is done with his lunch.

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