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How do I create a customized training for my employees?
How do I create a customized training for my employees?

Train your users, straight from their phone!

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Are you looking to create and share a digital training course with your employees? That's great! With the Customize category, you can create a personalized training course that will be available to your users straight from their mobile phone. As with everything else, you will also get specific insights about each section of your course, making sure that you stay on top of everything!

The Customize category is very flexible and allows you to create a specific process for your employees by adding a variety of objects.

This article will use the example of a restaurant, looking to create a hamburger cooking course for their chefs, but due to the flexibility of the Customize category, the same principles can be applied to any other industry and training course. The end result will look something like this:

Creating a Customized Training Course

To create a customized training course, add the customized category, and rename it how you want your users to see it on their phones. We’re going to call our folder “Training”.

After you have activated your training folder, it is now time to add content. For each section (we’ll go over sections further down) we want to create we need to add a new object:

Before we begin adding objects and creating our training course, it is important to have an idea of what information we would like to convey to our users and how. As mentioned, since the Customize category gives us many options to choose from it is possible to create a training course that can fit any organization:

What sections should I create?

Since we are creating a simple training course, these are the sections that we have added for our specific example:

Let’s dive deeper into each section to understand why we have chosen those and how they are built! When reading our guide, on the left side you will have the dashboard view where you as admins will be able to make edits, and on the right, the mobile view will be shown to your users.

Section 1: It’s important to start your training course with an introduction. This could be a video, an image, text, or a combination of all three. For our example, we’ve used the text object and have added a video to it to introduce our users to the training they are about to commence:

Section 2: For my particular training I found an external website that talks about the science of burgers that I wanted to include for my users. In your case, it might be a specific page on your company website that is important for your users to go over.

Overall, the link object will take your users to any website straight from the app and could be a great addition to include in your training course!

Section 3: Now that we’ve gone through the theoretical parts of the course I decided to add a PDF element that includes our handbook on how to make burgers. Keep in mind that this could also be added as a text object or library object depending on the expected results. The result will look something like this:

Section 4: No training is complete without testing your users. Quizzes are a great feature to add to make sure your employees have understood what they’ve learned.

Section 5: After your users have gone through the theoretical parts and have been tested, the last thing to do is to give them the ability to evaluate their training. For this, we’ve used a survey object:

And that's it! We've created a training course that introduces your users to a specific subject, quizzes them on it, and ends with a satisfaction survey.

The best tip we can give you is to be creative and plan ahead what parts of your training you would like your users to go through and based on that, choose the appropriate object! Good luck!

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