A Survey is a great way to find out about your employees' opinions and thoughts. You can measure employee satisfaction, match employees benefit with needs or find out how your employees feel about their team. You can use one of our templates or create your own. Keep in mind that every submission from your users will have their names. Surveys can be completed only once per employee.

To create a Survey click the Survey asset and choose a template or create your own. Below you can find an example of how to create a Survey using our templates.

If you choose to create your own Survey you can utilise different types of questions: rating, multiple choice, open ended, yes/no and free text.

For every question you have the option to set it as "required" and to ask for the location in which the Survey was completed.

You can check the status that corresponds to each employee using our status table. Click on any survey and scroll down to find it.

You can use the notify button to send a push notifications to mobile users that did not start the Survey yet.

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