Quick Tasks- Created by Me Vs. My Tasks

Learn how to differentiate between tasks that you've created for others and tasks that others have created for you

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Quick tasks allow you to control and manage your day-to-day tasks, saving time and increasing productivity for teams. When given permission an admin and user will be able to view these tasks on their mobile or dashboard and with tabs such as Created by Me and My Tasks they will be able to better differentiate what tasks they created and what tasks were created for them.

My Tasks:

The "My Tasks" tab provides individuals with a centralized and organized view of all the tasks assigned to them. It helps users stay on top of their tasks and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. Take a look at how the My Tasks tab looks like below:

On the Dashboard:

In the Mobile app:

Please note: Tasks can be created and assigned to anyone that has permission to do so from the quick task's settings. More information on the quick task's settings can be found in this article

Created by me:

The "Created by me" tab allows users to take ownership and control over creating tasks. It allows users who have permission to efficiently delegate tasks to team members, track progress, and ensure that tasks are distributed effectively. Take a look at how the created by me to

On the dashboard:

In the mobile app:

Please note: You have the option to switch the View (👁️ icon) to your preference:

For example in both tabs, you will be able to see the tasks separated into Open tasks which still need to be completed, and Done tasks that have been completed.

*For a better understanding of the different view options have a look at

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