These days, it's a known fact that data is crucial to making the right decisions.

At Connecteam, we try to track as much information as possible to give you the power to get any insights you need to act accordingly.

In the admin dashboard, you are able to find the data filter above data tables:

There are 3 types of filters that you can use to filter your data:

1 - User Details

Filter by users' information like titles, locations, departments or any other information fields you have in your user profile details.

2 - Advanced User Information

Filter by users' activity in Connecteam, like how many days since they joined, which Connecteam app version they are using, or the number of sessions they have done.

3 - Feature Usage

Filter by the information regarding the specific feature and data table you are viewing. For example, when viewing a Form entries table, the feature usage filters would be the different fields inside that specific Form.

When viewing the activity table at the bottom of an asset's activity page, the usage filters would be the status (viewed or didn't view, submitted and didn't submit) the number of views or submissions, etc.

You can also use more than 1 filter at a time, for example - see only the users from the uptown branch who did not submit a Form:

Start using the data filters to make sure you have the information you need and can make the right decisions and actions.

*In the Basic plan, you can use up to 1 filter at a time, while in the Advanced plan and above, you can use as many filters as you'd like at once.

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