Dispatching, planning, and following execution of your schedule is a tedious task.

There are endless factors to consider, like who is qualified for the job?
Who isn’t scheduled yet? What positions are not fulfilled?

This becomes even harder when managing a large number of people with multiple jobs.

For those reasons exactly, we created a smart filter in our schedule.

Filtering only the relevant information gives you a clear view to ensure your schedule is flawless and published correctly.

The schedule filter can be found at the top of the schedule page:

Let’s take a look at a few examples of when the schedule filter is a life-saver:

1 - View only users that are qualified for a specific job

To avoid mistakes and confusion by handing out jobs to unqualified users, you can easily filter only the ones qualified for a specific job.

2 - View users not assigned to any shift

To evenly distribute your shifts, it’s essential to filter out the users who were already assigned to shifts and view only the ones who are still waiting to be assigned.

3 - View jobs without shifts

To make sure that nothing falls between the cracks and that no job is left unattended, simply filter the jobs which are still without any shifts and employees assigned to them.

4 - Follow up on your team’s shifts confirmation

Filter your published schedule to see only rejected shifts or shifts that were not approved by your team, so you can avoid last-minute surprises.

5 - Easily view who haven’t checked-in to today’s shifts

Filter today’s schedule to see shifts without any status

To summarize, using the right tools like the powerful schedule filter can save dispatchers and managers time & effort, removes room for mistakes, and makes it easy to follow up on the schedule execution.

**Powerful Schedule Filters are available on the Advanced plan and above**

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