What are Connecteam Filters?

Use various types of filters to find the exact information you need (3-min read)

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These days, it's a known fact that data is crucial to making the right decisions. At Connecteam, we give you as much information as possible to give you the power to gain the relevant insights you need to act accordingly. In this article we'll go over how to filter data, the types of filters available, and feature-specific filters.

How to Filter Data

On the admin dashboard, the data filter icon will appear above the data tables, like so:

To use the filter, simply press on the Filter button, select a field, and choose the relevant data that you need to see in regard to the field:

Types of Filters

There are 4 types of filters that you can use to filter your data:

1 - User Details

Filter by users' information such as smart groups, tags, user type (admin, owner, employee), or date added.

2 - Advanced User Information

Filter by users' activity in Connecteam, such as the number of days they are in the system, the type of mobile device they carry (Android or iPhone), which Connecteam app version they are using, et cetera.

3 - Custom Fields

Filter by users' information that was entered as a custom field, such as title, team, direct manager, position, or department. Any custom fields added to the user's profile can be used for filtering.

4 - Feature Usage

Filter by the information regarding the specific feature and data table you are viewing. For example, when viewing a Form entries table, the feature usage filters will offer the different fields inside that specific Form. In Events, it will offer to filter by the number of users attending the event or by spots remaining. Courses will offer to filter by the status of a course or by the number of views.

In some features, assets will offer an activity table at the bottom of the asset's page, with additional ways to filter information some of these feature include:

  • Forms: Feature usage filters will include the number of entries, submission date, status (completed or not started)

  • Updates: Views, likes, comments, view date, and status

  • Courses: Last viewed, status

  • Events: Spots, register date, status

  • Knowledge Base: Last viewed, total views

  • Quizzes: Entries, submission date, result (passed, didn't pass)

  • Surveys: Entries, submission date, status

Using Multiple Filters

On the Advanced plan, you can use more than 1 filter at a time. For example - see only the users from the Uptown branch who did not submit a form:

Pro tip: When using multiple filters, you can decide if the results need to match all listed filters by choosing 'and' or if the results need to match at least one of the listed filters by choosing 'or'.

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