How to integrate with QuickBooks Online Payroll

A step-by-step guide to seamlessly integrate with QuickBooks Online

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We know that conducting payroll can be one of the most tedious and time-consuming processes for organizations. At Connecteam, we have made it our mission to simplify that process and make it as quick and easy as possible so that you can focus your efforts on what matters the most. In this help article, we will walk you through the key steps to streamline your payroll via the QuickBooks integration which will allow you to transfer work hours from Connecteam to QuickBooks Online. Before we jump into the steps, here is a quick table summary of what can and cannot be transferred.

What can be transferred

Cannot be transferred

Regular Hours + Overtime

(see FAQ at the bottom why we add them up)


Job specific information

Contractor Hours

Now, let's just into the steps of how to integrate Connecteam with QuickBooks Online!

Before getting started, please make sure you have payroll in your Quickbooks Online subscription. Connecteam's integration with Quickbooks Online is only supported with accounts that have the "Track time" feature (This includes the Essentials, Plus, and Advanced plans).

The steps are the following:

  1. Ensure the payroll period matches on QuickBooks Online & Connecteam

  2. Set up the connection between QuickBooks Online & Connecteam

  3. Match users from Connecteam to QuickBooks Online

  4. Export timesheets for payroll to QuickBooks Online

Before exporting, please make sure that your employees' names are identical between Connecteam and QuickBooks. If they are not the same you will get the option to manually match the employees in Connecteam. We also want to state that due to the nature of QuickBooks API, their integration currently only allows the transfer of hours, and not PTO and Overtime. When QuickBooks API will allow for it, we will of course ensure that we update our integration!

Now, let's set up the integration!

Step 1: Ensure the payroll period matches on QuickBooks Online & Connecteam

The first step would be to quickly check your payroll periods on both Connecteam and QuickBooks Online and see if they match. This will ensure that all the times are carried over to QuickBooks Online.

In Connecteam:

In QuickBooks Online:

Once you have confirmed that the payroll periods are matching, you can proceed to the next step. :)

Step 2: Set up the connection between QuickBooks Online & Connecteam

We can now begin to connect the two platforms. To begin, click on the settings tab on the timeclock.

From here scroll down to integrations on the navigation bar and click on the Integrations tab. From here you can navigate to QuickBooks Online and click on Connect:

A new page will appear asking you to agree to connect the two applications and the data sharing between them. Click Connect and it will automatically close and take you back to Connecteam if the connection was successful.

Step 3: Match users from Connecteam to QuickBooks Online

From here you will begin matching any employees that were not automatically matched by name. If all employees are matched, you can move forward and finish setting up the integration!

We have now completed setting up the integration! :)

Step 4: Export timesheets for payroll to QuickBooks Online

Once your payroll period has ended and you are ready to export your timesheets to QuickBooks Online, you can go ahead and click on the export button in the Connecteam timesheets. Once there you can go ahead and click on Export to QuickBooks.

From here you will simply follow the steps and it will confirm that it has been successfully imported for the respective payroll period.

Voila! The times have been exported to the respective employee's timesheet in QuickBooks Online! It is important to note that currently, only the times will carry over from Connecteam.


By following the 4 steps mentioned in the article we hope to save you a lot of time and errors so that you can focus on the most essential parts of your business. Our guarantee to you is to continue to improve the payroll process to make sure it is as seamless as possible! Be on the lookout for more functions coming soon!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Connecteam Transfer Overtime to QuickBooks Online?

Due to the nature of QuickBooks API, at the moment the integration with QuickBooks does not provide the capability to push overtime hours separately from regular hours. Instead, the overtime hours will be included and calculated together with the regular hours. However, QuickBooks will notify you if you have too many regular hours and will allow you to fix it with just a few clicks! To ensure this feature functions correctly, it is important to configure the Overtime settings within your QuickBooks account.

I cannot find my contractors when trying to match users. What's wrong?

Unfortunately, QuickBooks API does not support transferring hours to contractors. When it does, we'll make sure to add that ability too!

Some of my Connecteam users should not be matched to QuickBooks Online. What do I do?

When matching your employees you have the option to ignore a specific user.

The first day of our work week in QuickBooks Online does not match the starting day of my timesheets in Connecteam

For the correct hours to transfer, you need to ensure that the first day of your work week matches. To change in QuickBooks have a look at this guide.

What happens if I export the same payroll period twice?

You will have the option to either remove all time activities from QuickBooks and then export the hours or just add the hours from Connecteam into QuickBooks in addition to the hours that already exist.

Can Connecteam pull Jobs from QuickBooks Online into Connecteam?

Currently that is not possible, but this is something we hope to release in the future.

If I added a new user after initially doing the integration and matching all my users, should they be automatically matched?

No - You will need to integrate the users again to match the new users. Even if you don’t preemptively integrate it again, when exporting to Quickbooks Online next time, the system will let you know and will allow you to match the new employee to QBO.

**Integrations are available from the Operations Basic plan and up**

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