Do you have employees that do not get paid based on time? Employees on your payroll that work by job or salary? Do you need to track their progress but not using the Time Clock? Connecteam has a solution for you!

The Job Scheduler (when it's not synced with the Time Clock) provides great ways to stay on track with your workforce. Users can check in and complete shifts with just a click of a button.

However, sometimes employees forget! It happens to the best of us. We go into work ready to go, only to realize later that we forgot to check in. We're enjoying the breeze on the way home when we notice we forgot to tap the "complete" button! Luckily, admins on the platform have a way to keep track and ensure their employees are checking in and completing shifts as they should.

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What is Check-In?

Before getting into notifications, let's learn a bit more about the check-in option. The check-in option allows the mobile user (your employee) to report when they start a shift. This option is incredible if your employees do not need to track their hours for payroll purposes (for example, salaried employees). It's important to note that this option can only be used when the Time Clock and the Job Scheduler are NOT synced.

To find the settings, click the “access schedule” button on the desired Job Scheduler. There, you can find the “Options” dropdown on the top-right of the page where you can click on “settings”. This will directly bring you to the “Mobile App” settings tab where you can find the check-in and complete settings.

Here's a quick video showing all of these steps:

Here's a quick video showing all of these steps:

What is Complete?

One last stop before setting up notifications is the complete option! This option is great when you want to know when the mobile user as completed their shift. This is very useful when you want to keep track of when your employees completed certain tasks, or to know when they completed a job and are moving to the next.

How to set up Scheduled Notifications

Now, the information you've been waiting for, how to set up scheduled notifications! This is a game-changer when tracking your workforce and maintaining the status quo. The notifications section of your Job Scheduling settings allows you

to be notified via mobile push or web push. These notifications are admin based, meaning each admin will have the power to adjust notifications to their preference. In general, here is where you can set your notifications.

If you'd like to be notified when an employee did not check in to a shift after a certain number of minutes, select the option:

  • A user didn't check in to a shift that started "x" minutes ago.

If you'd like to be notified when an employee did not complete a shift that ended after a certain number of minutes, select the option:

  • A user didn't complete a shift that ended "x" minutes ago.

By default, the check-in option is always selected.

Pro Tip: Each Job Scheduler has its own notifications. If you have more than one schedule, be sure to customize the notifications of each schedule to meet your company's needs.


In short, the check-in and complete options are a great way for you as an admin to be in control of your employee's actions. The scheduled notifications are there to help you bring ease and minimize errors when it comes to employee time management. It's that simple!

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