The Job Schedule makes it effortless to create shifts or dispatch jobs for your team. Using the customized shift notifications for your employees when publishing or editing shifts you can alert your employees of any changes made in their shifts by editing the text of the notification. You can target your notifications and avoid cluttering your employee's notifications feed by selecting the relevant users you wish to notify, and more!

In this article we will go over:

Why Use Customized Notifications?

  • Publish shifts without notifying users to avoid cluttering your employee's notifications feed by customizing the notification "don't notify assigned users".

  • When editing a shift, instead of notifying all the users, notify only the users of your selection and alert them regarding the changes that were made in their shift.

  • Targeted notifications to problematic employees - If you have an employee that always shows up late to a shift or forgets to check the schedule and misses their shifts, you can choose to notify only that selected employee to make sure they don't miss out on anything. shift notify only the selected employees that are assigned to the shift

  • Make last minute changes and make sure your employees are aware of them with a personalized notification.

How to Create and Customize a Notification

When creating a new shift or editing an existing one, you can choose to publish the shift and notify all users assigned to that shift, or you can click on the bell icon near the publish button to customize the shift notification.

Once you click on the bell icon, a variety of ways you can customize notifications will appear. Below we will go over all the options:

  • The first option is to notify assigned users, or not to notify anyone at all

  • If you choose to notify users, you can select who to notify from the users assigned to the shifts. To do this, click on the arrow all the way to the right and select from the list the users you want to be notified

  • Lastly, customize the notification message to suit your specific needs and press confirm and publish. In the example below, we notified 2 specific employees that his shift was adjusted.

Below you can see an example of how creating a customized notification looks from start to finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Notify Users That Turned Off Their Job Schedule Notifications?

Yes, if your employees toggled off their notifications from the job schedule feature on their app, you can publish the shift and they won't receive a notification regarding the published shift. However, if you customize the notification by clicking on the bell icon, a notification will be sent regardless of the notification settings, making sure they don't miss out on anything important.

Can I Customize Notifications For an Open Shift?

In the case of open shifts, there are no users assigned to the shift, the reason being that open shifts are meant for users to claim. Customizing notifications is only available for shifts with users assigned to them. so if you would like to use them then be make sure to assign users to the shift before customizing a notification.

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