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Recognitions is a great way to recognize your employee's accomplishments, celebrate wins, promote company values, and much more! That being said, sometimes you may want to recognize multiple users or even a team. Team recognitions allow you to select multiple users to send everyone, or filter for certain criteria and send a recognition only to those who meet this criteria. Now, let’s dive deeper into this awesome capability

Sending a Recognition to Multiple Users

If you are familiar with sending recognitions then sending a recognition to multiple users is just as easy. To begin, enter the recognition feature, and select the send recognition button.

Then select from the list all the users who you want to recognize.

After that select the badge, select the views and press send it as simple as that!

Take a look at how this looks from start to finish below

Sending a Team Recognition

If it is not individual but an entire team you want to send recognitions to - you can do that as well. This can be done using the filters and then selecting the all users who match that team criteria. First, begin by selecting the send recognitions button as usual. Then set the filter to be group is and select the relevant group. Select all the users, select the relevant badge, add a personal message and press send.

In the example below you can see I select I set filter to be Group is Intern and then selected all the users who appeared in the list. Its as simple as that!

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