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Quickly manage your team from the Overview tab if your in a rush

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If you're in a rush and want to speed things up, we got you covered! Using the Overview page to perform Quick Actions will save time and effort. Starting by having quick access to multiple features, inviting users that have not logged in to the mobile app, and viewing the Mobile App Engagement which includes your user's activity throughout the day or period. You can also have a quick view of your team's daily activity, and so much more!

In this article we will go over:

Quick Actions on the Overview Page

By entering the Overview Page, you can choose one of the many Quick Actions instead of performing them from the feature itself, saving you time.

The available Quick Actions are:

  • Adding Users

  • Adding Admins

  • Sending an Update

  • Creating Tasks

  • Gp to Chat

  • Creating an Event

  • Creating a Form

  • Getting free credits

The Mobile App Engagement

The Mobile App Engagement tracks your employees' activity on the app. By hovering over a date, you will see the number of users that were active throughout the set period of time.

How to invite Users that have not logged in

You can invite your users from the overview page by clicking on overview on the left sidebar menu and then clicking on select users to invite. This will send them a text message which prompts them to download the application and the text messages sent do not count towards your monthly text message allowance.

Daily Activity

Scroll down the Overview Page to view the Daily Activity on your account. The activity log allows you to check all recent activity on your account, You can see the exact hour an employee sent in an absence request, availability and unavailability, you can see who edited timesheets or a shift, who claimed shifts, which user has completed tasks, which user clocked in and which user was auto clocked out. The activity log shows you the exact time actions were made.

Pro Tip: To learn more about the Activity Log, click here.


Stay Alert on Quick Tasks you haven't completed, or view pending requests on the Time Clock, by hovering over the alert, you will be moved straight to the action that needs to be taken or reviewed.

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