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As a manager, making sure your users are on par with the information you provide them is key. With our robust quiz feature, you can now evaluate your team's knowledge on anything you wish, and improve their training process by making sure they are fully prepared for what lies ahead! On Connecteam's Quiz feature, you can create different kinds of questions, including text-based questions and image-based questions, and track their progress with the status and insights to see who is in progress and who passed the quiz.

In this article we will go over:

How to create a quiz

  1. Click on "Add new feature" in your admin dashboard sidebar under "skills", then choose "Quizzes"

  2. Activate the quizzes feature and add a new quiz

  3. Start adding questions

  4. For each question choose the answer type:

  5. Text or image selection, or add both

  6. Mark the correct answer

Quiz settings

In the quiz settings, you can do the following:

  • Choose the score users will need to get in order to pass the quiz
    (Questions will be scored equally ranging between 1-100)

  • Choose whether users should see their final score if they get feedback about each question and if they should see the correct answer in case they answered incorrectly.

  • Randomize the order of the questions for each user to avoid user misconduct.

  • Add limitations, such as the number of attempts users have to pass the quiz or the due date for attempts to be made.

Mobile view of Quizzes

An easy way to see what the quiz would look like from the user's point of view would be to click on the mobile preview:

💡 Tip: Employees can pass a quiz only once. If you'd like an employee to pass the same quiz every day, you can publish the quiz in a Course and use Object Timing to have a new quiz published every day.

How to track employees' quiz progress

As a manager, you'll gain valuable insights from your team's submitted quizzes and evaluate your team's knowledge. Enter the Quiz and scroll down to view the Quiz statistics, here you can filter the results by the result, entries, submission date and more!

To gain a more detailed view of the quiz insights and your team's score within the quiz, enter the quiz and click on "Show Entries" to view your team's score on every question.

💡 Tip: The Quiz feature is available on the Courses feature. Click here to learn how to create a digital onboarding.

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